Hans Rudel and other Luftwaffe pilots

Hans-Ulrih Rudel and other Luftwaffe pilots

Colonel Hans-Ulrih Rudel (left) of the StG2 Luftwaffe squadron talking with other pilots of the Nazi Luftwaffe.

Hans Rudel – the famous ace pilot of the bomber Junkers Ju-87 Stuka, the only Knight Knight’s Cross full bow: with Golden Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds.
According to official figures, Hans Rudel executed in 2530 sorties, destroyed 519 tanks, more than 800 cars, 150 self-propelled guns, armored trains 4.

Colonel Hans-Ulrih Rudel sunk Soviet Marat battleship, Minsk leader of the destroyers, Stereguschiy destroyer and about 70 other vessels.

Hans Rudel shot down – 9 Soviet aircraft – 7 of the fighters 7 and 2 of the IL-2.

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