German tiger tank before the first battle

tiger tank

Latest German tiger tank (PzKpfw VI «Tiger I») brought to the battle-tested in the Mga railway station near Leningrad, but fighting vehicles immediately needed repairs.

Early in the morning August 23, 1942 the first four serial german tiger tank were loaded onto railroad cars and sent to the front. Experience the latest tanks Germans wanted in the assault of Leningrad. While german tiger tanks were transported by rail in the early morning of 27 August, the Sinyavinskaya operation of Soviet troops near Leningrad. August 29 german tiger tanks disembarked from the station Mga tier, and wanted to quit successfully against Soviet attack. But already during the nomination to the original starting position of the damage: two german tiger tanks out of order transmission, and the third german tiger tank – engine overheated and caught fire. These units, and so overloaded with a large mass of the tank, experienced an additional burden due to the traffic on the wet ground. As soon as possible to repair shops using aircraft sent from the factory parts german tiger tanks have been renovated and re-entered the system.
In the background a truck “Büssing-NAG” 4500 S-1.


Place: Mga, Leningrad region
Time taken: August 1942

In : 1942

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