German submarines of the XXI series in Norway

German submarines

Submarines of the XXI series from the 11th Kriegsmarine flotilla in Bergen, Norway.
In the center (lighter) is U-2511. This is the only boat of the XXI series that has made a military campaign. April 30, 1945 U-2511, under the command of Corvetten-Captain Adalbert Schnee, embarked on a military campaign in the Caribbean Sea. May 2, 1945 safely passed two English anti-submarine cordon and went to the Atlantic. May 4, 1945 received on the radio order to stop patrolling and return to the base in connection with the capitulation of Germany. Returning to Norway, the submarine met the English heavy cruiser Norfolk. Adalbert Schnee conducted a training torpedo attack on him: he went unnoticed through an escort and went to a distance of 500 meters. May 6, 1945 he returned to Bergen and surrendered the boat to the Allies. U-2511 was flooded by the British during Operation Deadlight.



Location: Bergen, Norway
Date: April 1945

In : 1945

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