German “Sturer Emil” self-propelled gun in Kummersdorf

German Sturer Emil

German experimental self-propelled gun Sturer Emil (Selbstfahrlafette V) at the test site in Kummersdorf. The combat vehicle was based on the prototype Panzer IV from Henschel – VK3001 (H). The main armament is the 128-mm cannon PaK 40 L / 61, which in 1939 was developed on the basis of a 128-mm FlaK 40 gun. From August 1941 to March 1942, Rheinmetall-Borsig and Henschel produced two prototypes that were tested in USSR in the middle of 1942. Prototypes showed good results, but the project was closed, as the production of the Tiger tank was recognized as a priority. One of the prototypes (from the 2nd Panzer Division) was destroyed in battle, and the second (which by that time had 22 tags for the destroyed targets) was captured by the Red Army in the winter of 1943 and was part of the captured weapons put up for public display in 1943 and 1944. Today it can be seen in the exposition of the Museum of Armored Forces in Kubinka.



Location: Kummersdorf, Germany

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