German soldier inspects destroyed Soviet Valentine tank

Soviet Valentine tank

A German soldier, armed with a captured PPSh-41 submachine gun, inspects destroyed Soviet Valentine tank, built in the UK. Eastern front.
Infantry Tank Mk.III “Valentine” – a British infantry tank during the Second World War, light in weight. Designed in 1938 by Vickers-Armstrongs. During serial production, from June 1940 to April 1944 (according to some sources – until the beginning of 1945), the United Kingdom and Canada produced 8275 Valentine tanks, which made it the largest British tank of the Second World War.
Valentine infantry tank was in service with Great Britain and a number of countries of the British Commonwealth, and was also supplied in significant quantities under the Lend-Lease program to the USSR. Valentine infantry tank was used until 1945 and is recognized by military experts as one of the most successful tanks in its class.
After World War II, Valentine remained in service with New Zealand until 1955.

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