German pilots around the fighter Bf.109F4 of Eberhard von Boremski


German pilots around the fighter Messerschmitt Bf.109F4 “yellow 4”. The aircraft with the airborne number 13220 belongs to Oberfeldfebel Eberhard von Boremski. 9th Squadron of the 3rd Fighter Squadron (9./JG3).
On the keel of the Bf.109F4 aircraft there are marks on 43 air victories (Abschussbalken).
According to official data, Eberhard von Boremski made 630 sorties for the war and had 104 wins (100 on the Eastern Front) on his account.



Location: Straubing, Germany
Date: May 1942


Source of information about the Eberhard von Boremski:

In : 1942

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