German officers are going to inspect the positions of the broken Russian 35th artillery battery

German officers

Officers of the German army and navy go to the firing positions of the defeated Russian armored turret artillery battery No. 35 (BB-35) of Sevastopol.

From the report of the Political Department of the Black Sea Fleet of July 22, 1942 on the results of the June fighting and the evacuation of Sevastopol:

“In the most intense period, when the enemy broke through large groups of tanks from the area of ​​the Kalfa and Nikolaevka farms, the majority of coastal defense equipment was broken, the main blow to the breakthrough group was caused by battery No. 35, which from June 30, 1942 was the last most stable knot of resistance on approaches to the Kherson Peninsula. The personnel of the parts that came up, under the cover of the battery fire, for the last three days, repulsed numerous enemy attacks, providing evacuation by sea and air. Having shot all ammunition and releasing up to 50 practical projectiles, the 35th battery was blown up on the night of July 1 to 2, 1942”.



Location: Sevastopol, Crimea, Russia
Date of the photo: 29 July 1942
Author: Otto Muller

In : 1942

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