General Jonathan Mayhew Wainwright announces the surrender of US forces in the Philippines

General Jonathan Mayhew Wainwright

General Jonathan M. Wainwright announces by radio the surrender of American forces in the Philippines under the supervision of the Japanese censor.

After the surrender of the Corregidor garrison on May 8, 1942, General Jonathan Wainwright, who was after the departure of MacArthur to Australia in the temporary rank of Lieutenant-General, was forced by the Japanese General Homma to announce on the radio about the surrender of all forces in the Philippines, due to the fact that some The American-Philippine detachments on the southern islands and on Luzon continued to wage a guerrilla war.

General Jonathan Wainwright, after being the most senior American prisoner of war in the Japanese captivity, was liberated in Manchuria by Soviet troops in August 1945. He accepted the surrender of Japanese troops in the Philippines from Lieutenant-General Yamashita Tomoyuki in September 1945.



Location: Philippines
Date: 08 May 1942

In : 1942

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