Future Hero of the Soviet Union squadron commander Nadezhda Fedutenko at the airport

Nadezhda Fedutenko

Soviet female pilot Nadezhda Nikiforovna Fedutenko (left) is commander of the aviation squadron of the 125th Guards Bomber Aviation Barysau named after Hero of the Soviet Union Marina Raskova of the regiment of the 4th Guards Bomber Air Division of the 1st Guards Bomber Aviation Corps of the 3rd Air Army of the 1st The Baltic front.

Fragment from the submission to the Hero’s title: “Nadezhda Fedutenko on the plane P-5 evacuated from the encirclement of about 150 fighters and commanders. Nadezhda Fedutenko completed 56 sorties on the Pe-2 plane. She dumped 50.4 tons of bombs. Nadezhda Fedutenko On December 15, 1944, as a leading squadron of nine Pe-2s, a bombing strike was carried out at the port of Libava. Personally, she herself and as a member of the groups inflicted considerable losses on the enemy in manpower and combat equipment. Nadezhda Fedutenko exploded 3 warehouses with ammunition, 3 railway echelons, destroyed 5 machine-gun points, up to 30 vehicles and 12 tanks”.

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