Full Georgievsky Cavalier, captain Vladimir Nikolaevich Gruslanov in Berlin

captain Vladimir Nikolaevich Gruslanov

The captain of the Red Army, Vladimir Nikolaevich Gruslanov, winner of numerous government awards and the Full Georgievsky Cavalier (the highest soldier’s award in the Russian Empire), before the parade in Berlin’s Tiergarten Park in honor of the solemn transfer of the Victory Banner to the military commandant of Berlin, General N.E. Berzarin to send him to Moscow.
In the background, the Soviet SU-76 self-propelled guns.

Vladimir Nikolaevich Gruslanov (1894 – 1981). Born in the city of Buynaksk in Dagestan. Highlander father, Muslim, mother of Kuban Cossack. In early childhood, he lost his father and mother, was raised by his aunt, then in an orphanage. In 1914, with the outbreak of the First World War, Vladimir Gruslanov volunteered for the front, served in the Caucasian Cossack troops, in regimental intelligence. For courage in battles, he was awarded four St. George’s Crosses, a silver dagger with the inscription “To the dashing reconnaissance of the St. George Cavalier, the junior sergeant of the 3rd Sunzhensko-Vladikavkaz Cossack Regiment, Vladimir Gruslanov, from the centurion Prince A. Aliyev. Derbent, December 25, 1916 “and produced in the ensigns. In 1917 he was elected a member of the regimental committee, joined the Bolshevik Party, and was elected a member of the Military Revolutionary Committee of the 4th Army. In 1918 he joined the Red Army as a volunteer, he passed the Civil War by the commander of the horse intelligence. He was awarded a saber in a silver frame with the inscription: “For Soviet power. In memory of the fighters and commanders. 1920 year.
In 1941, Vladimir Gruslanov again volunteered for the front. He fought near Leningrad. He was wounded three times, freed the Nazis from the Baltic states and Poland, participated in the Battle of Berlin. After the war he worked in Leningrad, in the Museum of the Great October Socialist Revolution (now – the State Museum of the Political History of Russia). Famous writer, bibliophile and bonist.

Source of photo information:

  1. litregol.livejournal.com

Location: Berlin, Germany
Date: May 20, 1945

In : 1945

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