French Potez 631 and Bloch MB.210 aircraft during overhaul after France surrender

Potez 631, Bloch MB.210

French aircraft – Potez 631 heavy fighters and Bloch MB.210 medium bombers during the overhaul in the summer or autumn of 1940 after the surrender of France.

After capitulation in the non-occupied zone, 112 of the Potez 631 fighters remained. A certain number of aircraft of these types also got into North Africa. The Nazis allowed to keep two squadrons of night fighters on R.631 – ECN1/13 and ECN3/13, stationed in Nimes. In June 1941, ECN3 / 13 was transferred to Gabes in Tunisia. On November 1, 194 in the Air Force of the Vichy government, there were 82 of the Potez 631.

Part of Bloch MB.210 bombers continued to be operated by the Vichy government’s aircraft, mainly in the French colonies.

Source of photo information:


Location: France
Date: 1940

In : 1940

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