Forced landing of the American Consolidated B-24 Liberator bomber in the Netherlands

Consolidated B-24 Liberator bomber

Operation Market Garden: Forced landing of a Consolidated B-24 Liberator American bomber from the 845th Squadron of the 491st Bomber Group of the 8th Air Force of the US Air Force.

The aircraft was damaged by anti-aircraft fire on September 18, 1944 in the vicinity of the city of Eindhoven during the operation to supply the 82nd and 101st airborne divisions of the US Army. The car had a badly damaged right wing, and the commander, Captain James K. Hunter, decided to sit on the belly in the field. Only the shooter Frank DiPalma survived. He was rescued from the rubble by Franciscan monks, who later sheltered him from the Nazis in the village of Huize Assisi, until the British liberated the village.

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Location: Netherlands
Date: September 18, 1944

In : 1944

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