Fighters from the “Chervony” Partisan Detachment in the Khinel Forest

Chervony Partisan Detachment

Fighters from the “Chervony” partisan detachment (Emilchinsky) in Khinelsky forests. May 1942.

Partisans are sitting: Degtyar Terenty (commissar), Naumov Mikhail (commander), unknown, Lukashov M., Ivanov L., Buyanov V.
Partisans are standing: Usachev (commander), Rozhkov, Obraztsov, Kamanek, Goncharov, Vasin, Filchenko, unknown, Pokamistov, unknown.

On March 7, 1943, for the successful conduct of the Steppe raid, Captain Naumov Mikhail Ivanovich was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union, and in April the extraordinary title of Major General. The case in the Red Army is unique.

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Location: USSR
Date: May 1942

In : 1942

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