German fighter pilots from the 54th Luftwaffe Fighter Squadron during Operation Barbarossa

54th Luftwaffe Fighter Squadron

German fighter pilots from the 54th Fighter Squadron (5./JG54) of the Nazi Luftwaffe at the aerodrome during Operation Barbarossa.
German fighter pilots from left to right: Lieutenant-General Hubert Mutherich, Lieutenant-General Hans Philipp, Hauptmann Dietrich Hrabak and Lieutenant Josef Puhs.
The picture was taken after the awarding of German fighter pilots Mutterich and Puhs. In the background – the Messerschmitt fighter Bf-109F of Dietrich Hrabak with marks of 24 victories on the tail empennage. In total, until the end of the war, Dietrich Hrabak scored 109 victories on the Eastern Front and 16 more on the West.



Location: USSR
Date: August 06, 1941

In : 1941

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