Soviet female snipers from the 3rd Shock Army

Female snipers

Soviet female snipers from the 3rd Shock Army, 1st Byelorussian Front of the Red Army. From left to right:
Soviet female snipers in 1st row from the viewer – Guards Senior Sergeant V.N. Stepanova (on her account – 20 enemies), Guards Senior Sergeant Yu.P. Belousov (80 enemies), guard senior sergeant A.E. Vinogradov (83 enemies);
2nd row – Guards Junior Lieutenant E.K. Zhibovskaya (24 enemies), Guard Senior Sergeant K.F. Marinkina (79 enemies), guard senior sergeant O.S. Marienkina (70 enemies);
Soviet female snipers in 3rd row – Guards Junior Lieutenant N.P. Belobrova (70 enemies), Guard Lieutenant N.A. Lobkovskaya (89 enemies), guard junior lieutenant V.I. Artamonov (89 enemies), guard senior sergeant M.G. Zubchenko (83 enemies);
Soviet female snipers in 4th row – Guard Sergeant N.P. Obukhovskaya (64 enemies), guard sergeant A.R. Belyakov (24 enemies).



Location: Germany
Date: May 4, 1945
Photo by Anatoly Arkhipov

In : 1945

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