Female sniper from the Czechoslovak battalion – Valentina Biněvská

Valentina Biněvská

Female sniper from the Czechoslovak battalion – Valentina Biněvská.
Valentina Biněvská was born on September 27, 1925 in Uman, Cherkasy region of Ukraine, in a Czech family. In 1942, Valentina Biněvská joined the 1st Czechoslovak Separate Battalion, which was being formed in the USSR, and completed the courses of medical instructors and snipers.
As part of this battalion (subordinate to the 1st Ukrainian Front) in 1943 she participated in the battles for Kiev and Sokolovo as an observer-sniper.
In 1944, Valentina Biněvská was thrown into the rear of the enemy, in Slovakia, where she fought against the Nazis as part of the Slovak rebel units. On March 3, 1945, in the city of Banska Bystrica, she was captured by the Germans, from where she fled on March 17, joining the Stalin partisan detachment.
She ended the war as a sergeant of the Czechoslovak army. She was awarded the Soviet Order of the Red Star, Czechoslovak orders and medals.
Valentina Biněvská died on March 26, 1991.


Source of photo information:
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