Estonian Mk.V British-made tank


Estonian tank of British manufacture Mk.V (modification “female”).

In the arsenal of the army of bourgeois Estonia until 1940 there were four tanks Mk.V.
The last Mk.V was used by the Red Army in battles in August 1941. To strengthen the defense of Tallinn, all the former Estonian weapons, previously considered unfit, were seized from the warehouses. Among other things, the tank was withdrawn from the conservation and the Mk.V – instead of standard machine guns, Soviet machine guns of the Maxim system were installed on it and brought to the streets of the city. How was the last battle of this tank – is unknown, but after the occupation of Tallinn, he was captured by German troops and taken to Germany.

At the end of the war, Mk. V was again “commissioned” and used by the German Volkssturm for the defense of Berlin.



Location: Tallinn, Estonia, USSR
Date: 1941

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