English “Sirius” light cruiser in the sea

Sirius light cruiser

The English “Sirius” light cruiser (HMS Sirius) at sea during the Second World War.

Sirius ”light cruiser – tail number 82. The light cruiser Dido class was built in Canada.
“Sirius” light cruiser began construction on April 6, 1938, launched on September 18, 1940, adopted by the Navy of Great Britain on May 6, 1942.

Sirius ”light cruiser was serving mainly in the Mediterranean.
Sirius ”light cruiser participated in the landing in North Africa (1942), Sicily (1943), Southern France (1944). After being damaged by bombs (October 17, 1943) and subsequent repairs, he participated in the landing in Normandy (1944).

Sirius light cruiser withdrawn from the Navy in 1949, cut into scrap metal in 1956.

Location: Mediterranean Sea
Photo date: 1942

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