English pilot Douglas Bader climbs into the cockpit of his Spitfire Mk.IX fighter

English pilot Douglas Bader

English pilot-ace Douglas Bäder, having prosthetic legs, climbs into the cabin of his Spitfire Mk.IX fighter aircraft of the Royal Air Force (RAF).

On December 14, 1931, the aircraft operated by Bäder during the performance of the aerobatics figure suffered an accident. The pilot suffered serious injuries, which resulted in an amputation of both legs – one above, the other below the knee. In 1933 he was dismissed from the Royal Air Force. However, in October 1939 all the medical and testing commissions again passed. He served in the 19th, 222nd and 242nd (commander) squadrons, after which he commanded the air wing of Tangmer.

August 9, 1941, fighting alone against six fighters Messerschmitt Bf.109 over France and knocking down two of them, he was shot down, left his Spitfire on a parachute and was captured. Over the years of being in captivity he tried several times to escape, but without success. Was released on April 14, 1945 by the Allied forces, liberated the concentration camp Koldits, where Douglas Bader was held.

Douglas Bader retired in 1946, died of a heart attack in 1982.

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