English navy: British Eridge destroyer damaged in the Mediterranean by an Italian torpedo boat

English navy

English navy: British destroyer Eridge (HMS Eridge), heavily damaged by a torpedo from an Italian ultra-small torpedo boat of the MTSM type on August 29, 1942 in the Mediterranean Sea.
The HMS Eridge from the British Navy was towed to Alexandria (Egypt), was not restored, and was later used as a floating base there.

The HMS Eridge is an escort destroyer of the Royal Navy type Hunt 2 series. Construction began at the Swan Hunter shipyard (Wallsend, UK) on November 21, 1939, launched on August 20, 1940, and entered service in February 1941. In 1946, the HMS Eridge was expelled from the English Navy.

Location: Mediterranean
Photo Time: August 29, 1942

In : 1942

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