English “Indomitable” aircraft carrier after the attack of kamikaze aircraft

Indomitable aircraft carrier

Fire on the deck of the English Indomitable aircraft carrier (HMS Indomitable) after the attack of Japanese kamikaze aircraft. Fires are already extinguished. In the foreground are burnt fighters Chance Vought F4U Corsair.

May 4, 1945 11-31 aircraft carrier “Indomitable”, operating as part of the British squadron off the coast of Okinawa, was attacked by the Japanese “Zero” fighter. Despite the fierce anti-aircraft fire, the suicide aircraft fell on the flight deck next to the superstructure. Deck survived. There was only a dent in depth of 60 centimeters. Several aircraft on the deck were destroyed, another 11 aircraft were damaged by shrapnel, 8 people were killed and 47 were injured. Three minutes later, another Zero fell on Indomitable, but did not cause much harm, and fell overboard. The third kamikaze was shot down and dropped into the sea three meters from the ship.

Location: Okinawa, Japan
Picture Time: May 04, 1945

In : 1945

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