Destroyer “Akizuki” in the sea before entering into operation

Destroyer Akizuki

The destroyer Akizuki (Autumn Moon) was the first ship in the class.
The destroyer Akizuki bfl was adopted on June 11, 1942 after being built at the Yokosuka shipyard. It was armed with 100-mm dual universal artillery systems, 56 depth-type bombs of type 95, 4 610 mm torpedo tubes (8 torpedoes of type 93) and 4 (by 1944 – 35 + 4 13 mm) – 25 mm antiaircraft guns. Developed speed – 33 knots.

The destroyers of this class showed themselves on the good side, participated in all the battles of the second half of the Second World War. “Akizuki” was a member of the northern forces of Dzisaburo Ozawa and died October 25, 1944 in the battle at Cape Engano from the impact of the torpedo at the time of the attack of American carrier aviation from TF38.



Date: May 17, 1942
Author: Shizuo Fukui

In : 1942

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