Destroyed the Wasserwerk project bunker near Siracourt village

Wasserwerk project bunker

The Wasserwerk Bunker combined a launch position and a V-1 missile plant. Throughout 1944, the bunker was subjected to heavy bombardments: 2,650 tons of bombs were dropped, including 17 of the 5.5-ton Tallboy bombs, as a result of which production was discontinued. The village of Siracourt was completely destroyed and rebuilt only in 1951. The bunker suffered less and survived to this day.

The photo was taken during the departure by Lieutenant Colonel Norris E. Hartwell from the 7th reconnaissance group, who piloted the F-5B (reconnaissance version of the P-38 Lightning fighter) with the tail number 42-68213.

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Location: Siracourt, France
Date: July 07, 1944

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