Destroyed KV-2 heavy tank №B-4754 from the 6th Tank Regiment

destroyed KV-2 heavy tank №B-4754 from the 6th Tank Regiment

Destroyed KV 2 heavy tank №B-4754 from the 6th Tank Regiment, 3rd Armored Division of the 1st Mechanized Corps in the Battle of Ostrov city in July 5, 1941.

On the armor of the KV-2 heavy tank, there are traces of numerous hits, the starboard side is broken by large-caliber projectile, the gun barrel is breached. On the armor – the body of the deceased crew member.

The machine serial number B-4754. The remaining acts on the cancellation of the tank KV-2 №4754 reads as follows: “The KV2 tank was hit – slaughtered caterpillar that fell Missile pierced the side of your transmission and damaged traction control and steering clutches, tank movement was impossible Since padded and burning with tanks.. scored travel part of the bridge, the waste was not possible in view of the destroyed tank management and dump tracks, and the tank was not possible to turn around. The battalion commander gave the order to get out of the tank, and he stayed in the car to remove the tank from the system. The further fate of the captain Rusanov has not yet been It is known, the rest of the crew returned to his unit. The battlefield was immediately occupied by the enemy, and the evacuation of the remaining cars from the battlefield became impossible”.

According to Russian reports, Captain Ivan Rusanov from 6th Tank Regiment was killed in July 5, 1941. It is very likely dead tanker to tank armor has Ivan Rusanov.


The crew of KV-2 heavy tank №B-4754:
– Vehicle commander – Captain Rusanov;
– A driver – Zhivoglyadov;
– Commander of the gun – Osipov;
– Radio operator – Voltchkov;
– Charger gun – Hantsevich.

On July 1, 1941 3rd Tank Division of the 1st Mechanized Corps led the fight for Ostrov city in the Pskov region.



Time taken: July 1941
Place photos: Ostrov city, Pskov region

In : 1941

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