Destroyed car by hitting an anti-aircraft projectile in Pearl Harbor

car by hitting an anti-aircraft projectile

Destroyed car (Packard 120 Touring Sedan) with the bodies of four American civilians killed by a 127-mm anti-aircraft projectile fired from an American ship to Japanese aircraft, eight miles from the Pearl Harbor airbase.

The Adams and McCabes families were returning home from Mass at St. Anna’s Catholic Church in Kaneohe, when they saw the Japanese bombing of the Bay Bay Naval Air Station. Joseph Kanehoa Adams, age 50, his 18-year-old son John Kalauwae Adams, son-in-law Joseph McCabe, Sr, 43, and nephew David Kahookele got into the car, drove to Pali Highway and headed for Pearl Harbor. On Judd Street, next to Iholena Street, an anti-aircraft projectile hit their car and killed all four. The victim of this tragic accident was the 12-year-old Matilda Kaliko Faufata, who was standing nearby in the doorway of her house. A shell fragment wounded her in the chest, and she died on her way to the hospital.



Location: Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, USA
Date: 07 December 1941

In : 1941

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