Death of Nazi U-118 submarine

Death of Nazi U-118 submarine

The photo was captured tragic moment of the execution of the Nazi submarine U-118 from the air.

U-118 submarine – a large German U-boat supply.

June 12, 1943 in 13 hours and 45 minutes Nazi submarine U-118 was discovered in the Atlantic Ocean by a squadron of torpedo bombers Grumman TBF-1 Avenger (4 aircraft) of the air group of American escort carrier USS Bogue. The submarine was detected on the surface, was immediately attacked and was damaged, he was able to dive, but it was given oil stains (oil plume is visible in the photo). The submarine was forced to surface, the German U-boat tried to resist using anti-aircraft guns, but to no avail. The planes bombed and strafed the boat as long as it did not explode in 14 hours 08 minutes.
American ships 17 German U-118 submariners were rescued.


Photography Location: Atlantic
Time taken: 12 June 1943



Source of the U-118 submarine:

In : 1943

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