Dancing Krim Tatar collaborator

Dancing Crimean Tatar collaborator

Dancing Krim Tatar soldiers collaborator (Selbst-Schutz). On the right hand of the traitor has a bandage with the inscription: In the service of the German Wehrmacht. The south coast of Crimea.
During the war in the ranks of the Krim Tatar volunteer units have served up to 20 thousand people: 7000 – in the ranks of self-defense soldiers, 9000 – in the ranks of volunteers Hiwi 7000 – in the ranks of auxiliary police order 2421 people – in the ranks of the Krim Tatar-mountain Jaeger Brigade of the Waffen SS, 2500 – as part of the battle group Crimea from the East Turkic unit of the Waffen-SS.



Photography Location: Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
Time taken: 1942



The source of information:
1. “Crimea under the heel of Hitler’s” O. Romanko, “Veche” 2011

In : 1942

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