D-day Omaha beach

Omaha beach

The landing of Allied troops from landing craft on the beach “Omaha” under fierce German machine-gun fire. In the photo captured at the start of the landing divisions Company E of the 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, US Army. The landing of the Marines performed a transport vessel “Samuel Chase» (USS« Samuel Chase»(APA-26) by landing craft LCVP. Author’s title picture – “Jaws of Death”.

The D-day Omaha beach Allies faced with the strong resistance of the enemy: to the end of the day the Americans lost about 3,000 soldiers there, while in the area “Utah” was only 197 killed.


Place: Normandy, France
Time taken: 6 June 1944
Author: Robert F. Sargent


Source: National Archives.

Source of information about the photo:
1. Remembering D-Day’s Coast Guard heroes

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