Czechoslovak OA vz.30 armored car during army maneuvers

OA vz.30 armored car

Czechoslovak OA vz. 30 armored vehicles during army maneuvers.

OA vz. 30 armored cars were made in quantity of 53 pieces by the Czechoslovak Tatra company based on the Tatra T-72 6×4 chassis.

OA vz. 30 was armed with two ZB vz. 26 machine guns.

In 1939, during 3 months of military clashes, the Czechoslovak army lost 15 Tatra armored vehicles. The remaining OA vz. 30 in 1939, the Nazis captured, which included them in the Wehrmacht under the designation PzSpr-30/T; In 1941, seven of them were converted into agitation and passed on to companies of propaganda.
Also OA vz. 30 was operated by Romania and Slovakia.

Location: Czechoslovakia
Photo date: 1938

In : 1938

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