Crew number 3 of the B-25 bomber, who took part in the “Doolittle Raid”

Crew of the B-25 bomber

Crew number 3 of the North American B-25 Mitchell bomber, who took part in the Doolittle Raid (aircraft number – 40-2270, target – Tokyo) of the 95th bomber squadron of the USAF.

From left to right:
Lieutenant, pilot Robert M. Gray
Lieutenant, co-pilot Jacob E. Manch
Lieutenant, navigator Charles J. Ozuk Jr.
Sergeant, Bomber Aden E. Jones
Corporal, flight engineer, shooter Leland D. Faktor

After the bombing, the crew successfully reached China and jumped out with parachutes. At the same time, Lieutenant Charles J. Ozuk Jr injured his leg upon landing, and Corporal Leland D. Faktor died. Lieutenant Robert M. Gray stayed in China, flew on missions and died during an attack on Burma in October 1942.


Source of photo information:


Location: Pacific
Date: 1942

In : 1942

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