Crew number 2 of the B-25 bomber, who took part in the “Doolittle Raid”

Crew of the B-25 bomber

Crew number 2 of the North American B-25 Mitchell bomber, who participated in the Doolittle Raid (aircraft number – 40-2344, target – Tokyo) from the 34th Bomb Squadron of the United States.

From left to right:
Lt. Pilot Travis Hoover;
lieutenant, co-pilot William N. Fitzhugh;
Lt., navigator Carl R. Wildner;
Lieutenant, scorer Richard E. Miller;
Sergeant, flight engineer, shooter Douglas V. Radney.

Lieutenant Hoover landed a plane on a Chinese rice field, none of the crew number 2 of the B-25 bomber was injured and they successfully returned to the territory occupied by the Allies.
Lieutenant Richard E. Miller died in North Africa on January 22, 1943.

Location: Pacific
Date: April 18, 1942

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