Commanders of Soviet submarines and officers of the US Navy in Panama

Commanders of Soviet submarines, officers of the US Navy

Allies in World War II: Soviet submarine commanders (in black uniform) with officers of the US Navy (in white uniform) in Panama.
The photo was taken during the transoceanic crossing of submarines of the Pacific Navy to the base of the USSR Northern Navy while they were in the US naval base Kolo Solo from November 25 to December 2, 1942.

From left to right: C-54 Commander, Captain-Lieutenant Dmitry Kondratievich Bratishko;
Commander C-51 Captain 3rd Rank Ivan Fomich Kucherenko;
submarine group commander, Captain 1st Rank Alexander Vladimirovich Tripolsky;
Commander C-56 Lieutenant-Commander Grigory Shchedrin;
Commander L-15 Captain 3rd Rank Vasily Isakovich Komarov;
Commander C-55 Captain 3rd Rank Lev Mikhailovich Sushkin.

Location: Kolo Solo, Panama
Date: 1942

In : 1942, 1944

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