Commander of the 151st Aviation Wing G. N. Ramsbottom-Isherwood rejoices in awarding him with the Order of Lenin


Commander Henry Neville Gynes Ramsbottom-Isherwood, commander of the 151st Air Force wing of the British Air Force, is rejoicing at the Lenin Order in the garden of the USSR Embassy in London.

Aviation Colonel Henry Neville Gynes Ramsbottom-Isherwood was one of four foreigners awarded the Soviet Order of Lenin. The pilot was awarded this award for his courage in battles against the German aces in the Arctic sky and in the protection of Allied maritime convoys delivering weapons, equipment and other valuable property supplied by Lend-Lease to the USSR. He received the Order from the hands of the USSR Ambassador to the UK, Ivan Mikhailovich Maysky.

In 2009, this order was sold at auction at Sothebys for £ 46,000.

Location: London, UK
Photo date: 1942
Photo by: Hans Wild

In : 1942

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