Cockerel Panchito Pistoles – mascot of the Aztec Eagles Mexican squadron

Aztec Eagles

Cockerel Panchito Pistoles was the mascot of the 201st Squadron “Aztec Eagles” from the Mexican Expeditionary Air Force. Panchito Pistoles – a character of the Disney cartoon “Three caballeros”, released on February 3, 1945. Here he is depicted on a fragment of a shot down Japanese aircraft.

The pilots of the 201st Squadron Aztec Eagles flew on American P-47 Thunderbolt fighters. They carried out 187 sorties. The losses amounted to 5 aircraft – one was shot down by anti-aircraft fire, the rest were injured due to equipment failure or bad weather conditions. Five Mexican pilots were killed.



Location: Philippines
Date: 1945

In : 1945

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