Captured T 34 76 medium tank of the 130th Armored Brigade

Captured T-34-76 medium tank of the 130th Armored Brigade

Soviet T 34 76 medium tank of the 130 th Tank Brigade of the Red Army, was captured by the Germans at the end of May 1942, in the environment of Soviet troops near Kharkov. T-34-76 medium tank produced at STZ (Stalingrad tractor factory). T-34/76 medium tank has LL2-KS marking, but has no camouflage, as obtained in the army at the beginning of May 1942.

Marking the KS-LL2 – 23th Tank Corps of the Southwestern Front, the corps commander during the Kharkov operation – Major-General of armored troops Yefim G. Pushkin.

An interesting detail: T-34-76 medium tank has a rubber band of rollers.



Time taken: 27 May 1942
Photographing place: Kharkiv, Ukrainian SSR

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