Captured Soviet generals P.G. Ponedelin and N.K. Kirillov

Captured Soviet generals P.G. Ponedelin and N.K. Kirillov

Captured commander of the 12th Army of the Red Army, Major-General P.G. Ponedelin (center) and the commander of the 13th Rifle Corps of the 12th Army, Major-General N. Kirillov. District Uman. August 1941.

At the beginning of August 1941 to the south of Uman German troops of 20 divisions of the 6 th and 12 th Army from the Southern Front were surrounded. The prisoner got about 55 thousand Soviet soldiers and officers, including generals Ponedelin and Kirillov.
April 29, 1945 they were liberated by American troops. May 3, 1945 they were handed over to the Soviet side.

August 25, 1950 sentenced by the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR under “treason by the military”, the Soviet generals P.G. Ponedelin and N.K. Kirillov sentenced to capital punishment and on the same day shot.


Photography Location: Uman
Date: August 1941

Captured sowjetischen Generäle P.G. Ponedelin und N.K. Kirillov

Captured Kommandeur der 12. Armee der Roten Armee, Generalmajor P.G. Ponedelin (Mitte) und der Kommandant des 13. Schützenkorps der 12. Armee, Generalmajor N. Kirillov. Bezirk Uman. August 1941.

Fotografie Ort: Uman
Datum: August 1941

Capturados generales soviéticos P.G. Ponedelin y N.K. Kirillov

Comandante capturado del 12 Ejército del Ejército Rojo, General de P.G. Ponedelin (centro) y el comandante del cuerpo del rifle 13 del Ejército 12, mayor general N. Kirillov. Distrito Uman. De agosto de 1941.

Fotografía Localización: Uman
Fecha: Agosto 1941

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