Captured soldiers of the Wehrmacht of Asian descent on an American ship

soldiers of the Wehrmacht

A group of captured Wehrmacht soldiers of Asian descent aboard an American ship of the US Navy.
Stephen Ambrose in his book “Citizen Soldiers”, referring to Lieutenant Robert Brewer (Robert Brewer) tells how on June 6, 1944, during the famous Invasion of Normandy, the Americans on the beach of Utah captured four Asians soldiers in Wehrmacht the uniforms. They turned out to be Koreans. According to them, the Red Army captured them in 1939, when they fought against the Japanese (since Korea was occupied by Japan, Koreans served in the Japanese army). After the German attack, the Soviet Union sent them to fight against Moscow, where in December 1941 they were captured by the Germans. In captivity, they agreed to serve in the “Eastern Battalions” and were sent to France.
Their exact fate is unknown – most likely, such prisoners of war were returned to Korea.

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