Captured commanders of the Red Army on the bridge in Przemysl

Captured commanders of the Red Army

The first week of the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union. Soldiers from the 101st Wehrmacht Infantry Division escort prisoners of the commanders of the Red Army on the bridge over the San River in the border town of Przemysl (now Poland).
Right in the foreground is an SS officer.

The city was captured by the Nazis in the afternoon of June 22, 1941, but already the next morning was liberated by Soviet troops. The 99th Infantry Division of General N. Dementiev, acting together with the border guards and battalions of the Peremyshl fortified area, three times beat out of the city of the German 101st Infantry Division. The city was held until June 27, 1941, when it was finally occupied.


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Location: Przemysl, Ukraine, USSR
Date: June 1941

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