Canadian crew of the Sherman tank in Normandy

Canadian Sherman tank

The Canadian crew of the Sherman medium tank “Clanky” in Normandy. The armored vehicle of the commander of squadron “C” from the 29th Canadian armored reconnaissance regiment (also known as South Alberta Regiment) of the 4th Canadian armored division of Captain Dave Currie.
On the tank’s armor, its Canadian crew members were stationed: tankmen Gordon Holstrom, Corporal John Lardner and Dick Mitchell.
This Sherman Tank will be lost later in the battles in the area of ​​the Dutch town of Bergen-op-Zum. The photo was published on the cover of the magazine “Liberty” on December 16, 1944.



Location: Calvados, Bayeux, Lower Normandy, France
Date: July 28, 1944
Author: Liberty Magazine

In : 1944


  1. Andrew White


    John Lardner is my great uncle, can you tell me if it’s possible to buy a copy of the magazine cover and or a copy of the text and image you have above?

    Thank you,


  2. admin

    Take them for free, but you must remember that it is forbidden to use for commercial purposes

  3. Andrew White


    Can you please tell me where I can access a higher resolution of this image?

    Thank you,


  4. admin

    Probably in Liberty Magazine

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