Cadets of the Voroshilovgrad Pilots School in 1941

Voroshilovgrad Pilots School

The cadets of the school of conscription of 1940, who were born in the town of Verkhny from Voroshilovgrad region in 1921-1922. They still had to study in the city of Uralsk for two years and they will go to the front in the summer of 1943 in the rank of “lieutenant.” Most will fly on the IL-2 attack aircraft.

Voroshilovgrad Military Aviation School of Pilots named after the Proletariat of Donbass – that was the name of the 11th Pilot School in 1941. In 1941, there was the biggest release in the history of the school – more than 900 pilots with a three-year training period. In accordance with the order of the People’s Commissar of Defense Tymoshenko, the title of “sergeant” and the particularly distinguished “senior sergeant” were appropriated after a six-month internship in the troops.


Source: Lisichansk Local History Museum.



Location: USSR
Date: 1941

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