Burnt BT 7 light tank


Burnt Soviet BT 7 light tank model aus 1937. In the background we see two more BT-7 light tank.

BT-7 ( “fast tank“) – Soviet light tank of the 1930s. The tank could move both on tracks and on wheels (tracks were removed and the tank moving on the road wheels), developing a sufficiently high speed for armored vehicles. BT-7 light tank was designed in accordance with the theory of deep offensive operations for the development of a breakthrough in the depth of the enemy defenses and maintaining rapid offensive operations without infantry support.

The tank is protected by armor thickness of 22 mm (forehead), 13 mm (side and feed), 10 mm (roof) and 6 mm (bottom). Armament – 45 mm of 20K model 1934 (132 projectile) and two machine guns 7.62 mm DT (2394 rounds). Weight 13.8 tons, the engine power of 400 hp, the maximum speed on tracks – 73 km/h on wheels – 93 km/h. Crew of BT7 – 3 people.

BT-7 light tank was superior to all the light tanks of the Wehrmacht, and when competent tactics and good training of the crew, he was able to successfully resist the German tanks of all types. However, the latter qualities of tank troops of the USSR at the beginning of the war and did not have enough, so in the winter of 1941 had lost 85% of which was a huge park BT-7 light tank.

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