Burned up German soldiers on the armor of the Panther medium tank

German soldiers

The burned bodies of German soldiers that lie on the armor of PzKpfw V Panther medium tank. The machine gun MG-42 is visible.
The battle was July 11, 1944. Two Panthers of I./Pz.Rgt 6 from Panzer-Lehr-Regiment 130 and grenadiers of the 901st regiment attacked Charlemagnieri in the strip of the American 47th Infantry Division. One Panther tank was called Ursula, the other was Elena. To the right there were 5 more Panthers, which were stopped by American fighters of M10 tanks from 899 battalions. In the midst of the battle came reinforcements from Sherman tanks.

After breaking through the bocage, Ursula and Elena went straight to the town. The Americans in advance detected their approach by the noise of the engines and opened fire first, but missed. Ursula with the number 425 turned and began to retreat under cover of vegetation. I managed to make one shot and destroy the M10 with the crew. Three shells M10 struck the left side of Ursula, sparked an engine fire, several grenadiers were killed. The remaining grenadiers scattered and were caught on nearby farms.

In the 200th move Elena moved and substituting her forehead decided to join the fight, but did not have time to shoot. She was smashed by the seam of her frontal armor and punched the top sheet under the driver’s slot.

In the picture the Ursula tank.

In : 1944

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