British “United” submarine in the Mediterranean

United submarine

The British United submarine (HMSM United) in the Mediterranean Sea in 1944.

“United” submarine – tail number P44, Type U.
“United” submarine – construction started on February 25, 1941, launched on December 18, 1941, accepted into the Royal Navy of Great Britain on April 2, 1942.

“United” submarine was used mainly in the Mediterranean Sea. Sank a small Italian merchant ship Rostro, Italian auxiliary submarine hunter V 39 / Giovanna, Italian destroyer Bombardiere, French merchant ship Ste Marguerite, Italian merchant ships Olbia and Rosolino Pilo, auxiliary ship Remo. It damaged Italian tanker Petrarca, Italian merchant ship Ravenna and light cruiser Attilio Regolo.

“United” submarine was cut for scrap in February 1948.

Location: Mediterranean Sea
Photo date: 1944

In : 1944

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