British Suffolk Heavy Cruiser Patrolling the Danish Strait

Suffolk Heavy Cruiser

Suffolk British heavy cruiser (HMS Suffolk), County class, subclass of Kent, during patrols in the Danish Strait in the Battle of the Atlantic.

Suffolk Heavy Cruiser – Board number 55. County class heavy cruiser.
Suffolk heavy cruiser construction began on September 30, 1924, launched on February 16, 1926, accepted into the Royal Navy of Great Britain on May 31, 1928.

Suffolk heavy cruiser participated in the Norwegian campaign (spring of 1940), was damaged by German bomber bombs; renovated by February 1941.
Suffolk heavy cruiser participated in the battle of the British fleet against the Bismarck battleship Kriegsmarine in May 1941 – the first to find the German battleship using radar and direct other ships to the Bismarck.
Suffolk heavy cruiser after repair until the end of 1942 – in service in the Arctic. From April 1943 until the end of the Second World War – in the Indian Ocean.

Dismissed from the Royal Navy on March 25, 1948, cut into scrap metal in the same year.


Location: Atlantic
Photo date: June 1941
Photo author: R.G.G. Coote

In : 1941

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