British “Stanley” destroyer in the harbor

Stanley destroyer

British Stanley destroyer (HMS Stanley) in the harbor.

“Stanley” destroyer – Board number I73, Type “Clemson”.
The Stanley destroyer previously belonged to the United States and was called McCalla (USS McCalla, DD-253).
“Stanley” destroyer – construction began on September 25, 1918, launched on February 18, 1919, accepted into the Royal Navy of Great Britain on October 23, 1940 under the treaty of Great Britain and USA “Destroyers in exchange for bases”.

The Stanley destroyer served in the Central and South Atlantic, Middle East and Mediterranean.

“Stanley” destroyer in the groups of ships participated in the sinking of German submarines U-131 (December 17, 1941) and U-434 (December 18, 1941).

The Stanley destroyer was sunk by a torpedo from a U-574 submarine on December 19, 1941.

Location: Mediterranean Sea
Photo date: 1941

In : 1941

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