British sailors from a warship welcome submarine “Sunfish”

British sailors, submarine Sunfish

British sailors from the Royal Navy warship welcome the Sunfish submarine (HMSM Sunfish).

Sunfish submarine – Side number 81S, type S.
Sunfish submarine construction began July 22, 1935, launched September 30, 1936, accepted into the Royal Navy of Great Britain on July 2, 1937.

Sunfish submarine served in the North Sea. The submarine sank the German merchant ships Amasis, Antares, Schürbek and Oldenburg.

Sunfish submarine transferred to the USSR in 1944. On July 27, 1944, while transferring from Dundee to Murmansk, the British Air Force was sunk by the Liberator aircraft near the northern coast of Norway. According to the official version, the Sunfish submarine lost its course and was outside the prescribed area.

Location: United Kingdom
Date of the photo: 1943

In : 1943

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