British Prime Minister W. Churchill on the deck of the battleship Prince of Wales

British Prime Minister W. Churchill

British Prime Minister W. Churchill is ironing the Blackie cat on the deck of the British battleship Prince of Wales. Near the battleship is an American destroyer “McDougal” (USS McDougal (DD-358).

Photo was taken during the meeting of Winston Churchill and F. Roosevelt on ships of the two countries off the coast of Newfoundland. The result of the meeting was the signing of the Atlantic Charter – the main program document of the Anti-Hitler Coalition. When Winston Churchill was about to board the American cruiser, a ship of the Prince of Wales battleship named Blackie appeared at his feet. The state leader leaned forward and stroked the cat. In honor of this event and successful negotiations between the leaders of the two countries, the cat received a new nickname – Churchill.



Location: Argentia, USA
Date: August 10, 1941

In : 1941

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