British Kingston destroyer destroyed in dry dock in Malta

British Kingston destroyer

On April 11, 1942, during an air raid, a German aerial bomb exploded in the area of ​​the engine room of the destroyer Kingston of the Royal Navy, which was being repaired at Dock 4 of the Port of La Valetta in Malta. The destroyer capsized and sank.

Earlier, on March 22, 1942, during the battle in the Gulf of Sidra the Kingston destroyer received a direct hit from a 380-mm shell from the Italian battleship Littorio. The shell went right through and exploded overboard. A fire broke out in the boiler room and the engine room flooded. Despite this, the destroyer Kingston fired three torpedoes. The fire was extinguished and the ship was able to reach Malta.

Location: La Valetta, Malta
Photo time: April 1942

In : 1942

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