British fighter-bomber “Mosquito” at the airport in the USSR after the accident

fighter-bomber Mosquito

The British fighter “Mosquito” (De Havilland “Mosquito”) in the USSR at the airfield of the Scientific Research Institute of the Air Force after the accident.

The plane “Mosquito” V.IV with the tail number DK296 was transferred to the Soviet side in the autumn of 1943 in England and on April 20, 1944, the crew consisting of the pilot, Senior Lieutenant I.D. Polosukhin and navigator Lieutenant Kekishev was overtaken by his own move to Moscow at Vnukovo airfield. There, on the basis of the 1st air division, the aircraft stayed briefly and did not once go into the air. Since April 25, he was already at the LII NCAP at the airport of Kratovo, where flight tests began. The leading engineer was B.C. Pankratov, the aircraft was flying NS. Rybko. A thorough study of the design of the Mosquito was aimed at determining the possibility of its licensed construction in the USSR. However, according to the conclusion of TsAGI specialists, the very design and aerodynamics of the aircraft did not show anything fundamentally new, and the impossibility of delivering a large amount of balsa in the USSR and the deployment of the Merlin engine production was finally forced to abandon this idea.

May 15, Major-General A.I. Boars with navigator P.I. Perevalov aboard flew the Moskito to the airfield of the Air Force Research Institute, where they planned to continue the tests. But on landing the pilot did not manage the control, the bomber turned to the left, descended from the strip to the ground and demolished the chassis. The crew was not injured, but the car was hopelessly damaged and was no longer being repaired. The only “Mosquito” that got into the USSR after the accident was dismantled into separate units, handed out to various organizations for study.



Location: USSR
Date: May 15, 1944

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