British commandos and American rangers after returning from a raid on Dieppe

British commandos, American rangers

British commandos and American rangers who survived the raid on Dieppe. It was the first time in World War II, when the foot of an American soldier entered the land of the European continent.

On August 19, 1942, Britain conducted Operation Jubilee, a large-scale raid on the French port of Dieppe.
Approximately 4,900 Canadians, 1,000 British and 50 American paratroopers left the British ports in a flotilla of 237 warships. Air support did not correspond to the task set, preliminary reconnaissance was conducted poorly, therefore, despite insignificant successes, the landing ended in failure. Of the 6,086 people who landed, 3,623 were killed, injured or captured. The Royal Navy lost a destroyer and several landing craft, and the British Air Force 106 aircraft against 48 from the Germans.

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Location: United Kingdom
Picture Time: August 1942

In : 1942

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